Apr 162013


Gran Turismo 5


After a super close race 1 and 2, the need for more competitors in the field has risen. Check here for more info on this series that just started up. Still time to get in on the action!                                                                                     Gran Turismo 5

Feb 192013

Gran Turismo 5

Races 3-5 were very close, with the points breakdown being one of the closest championships to date for Sofa. Wilo’s custom GT circuit provided for some close action, where Veloci took the win, but Rotax was in close in pursuit.

Spa was very tricky for some, while close racing ensued for others, with the threat of weather very high, but thankfully the rain held off. Peidrozater took the win with Veloci and Hemiata following close behind. Mid pack Wilo had another great last race charge to grab 8th, snatching those crucial championship points.


Fuji was among the closest races for 1st that Sofa had seen in a while, with Veloci, Juice1484, and Locospeed trading positions until the closing laps, when Veloci pulled ahead for the last minute victory. Meanwhile, mid-pack, Wilo and Browilson wagered another battle, resulting in another close finish with Wilo nabbing the 6th place at the line.


Gran Turismo 5The points breakdown for the final race is so close that many key positions are up for grabs, with only 5 points separating the top 3, 10 points from 4th – 8th, 11 points from 10th-15th, positions are sure to change after the Nurburgring sun rises for the finish of the 24hr simulation. Go here to check in on the action!

Jan 292013

Race 1 @ Monza

The first race in the season opened with a wetland caused by a massive downpour that would not let up till the last lap of the race. The field was full, and with a 28% saturation of moisture on the track surface, nobody could tell how grueling it would get. Rain persisted till the track had a 98% saturation, causing mayhem to happen all over the track. Few were able to completely tame the conditions, but several adapted to the track conditions quickly to take full advantage. Wilo started last and worked his way up through the field finishing 5th, while Veloci and Pedrozaiter battled for first, with Veloci taking 1st. Texastyme was able to ride the unicorn Panoz to a 3rd place podium, and the battle for 5th with Wanderlust and Wilo requiring a photo finish inspection. This was a very grueling race with many different strategies playing out to battle for position.


Race 2 @ Madrid


After the washout that was Monza, the competitors were looking forward to this sun drenched race. Race fans were presented with a race full of action, which started with a pace lap spin by Pedrozaiter. On lap 3, the Madrid pit wall claimed another slew of casualties, when Wanderlust collided with the wall then collected several competitors.


The race was full of competition, with very close racing throughout. Hemiata came out on top with the win in his XJ220. What will race 3 hold for the competitors?

  • Official Color Race-off (11/1/11)