Aug 082013

Hey there, new person visiting our website.

So, we kinda suck at our blog. Sorry about that. We’re just too busy racing.

Since the last post here several months ago, we’ve completed both series that have partial recaps, and then completed like 5 more. You can certainly look around here to get an idea of who we are—but if you want to know what’s going on right now, you’re really better off checking out the forum.

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Apr 162013


Gran Turismo 5


After a super close race 1 and 2, the need for more competitors in the field has risen. Check here for more info on this series that just started up. Still time to get in on the action!                                                                                     Gran Turismo 5

Feb 212013

Hello and welcome back to the Sofa Racing Team!  Sunday night saw an amazing throwdown as Season 2 of Run Whatcha’ Brung on a Budget kicked off.  Drivers of all classes met early on Sunday to get some track time in before the events got underway.  After last week’s practice race everyone has adjustments to make… in Azzkker’s case, he event went to far as to throw the baby out with the bathwater and scrap his Camaro as his first choice, saying: “I will most likely be ditching the RWD [Camaro] for AWD of some sort. It’s kind of disappointing as I wanted to run something different than what I’ve been running.  I’m still trying to find that perfect car for me… so far I have a ’99 Subaru sedan and coupe ready and a ‘godzilla’ (Skyline GT-R) ready as well. I’ve really liked how the godzilla drives though.” In the end, Azzkker did infact choose the Nissan Skyline GT-R.  In fact, so did Inspectigater and Blorf.  Wanderlust2000 also went the Nissan route, but was the only one willing to walk away with the Rear wheel drive Silvia.  The rest of the pack includes a few Mitsubishi Lancers, Subaru WRX’s, and even a Camaro.  Every one of these cars has proved to be quite competitive turning out close battles all over the track.  While the Nissan’s have a clear and decisive lead on raw horsepower, the Lancers and WRX’s have a more settled middle ground between power and handling, proving that they can make up the time off the straights where it counts.

Read the full race breakdown after the jump!

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Feb 192013

Gran Turismo 5

Races 3-5 were very close, with the points breakdown being one of the closest championships to date for Sofa. Wilo’s custom GT circuit provided for some close action, where Veloci took the win, but Rotax was in close in pursuit.

Spa was very tricky for some, while close racing ensued for others, with the threat of weather very high, but thankfully the rain held off. Peidrozater took the win with Veloci and Hemiata following close behind. Mid pack Wilo had another great last race charge to grab 8th, snatching those crucial championship points.


Fuji was among the closest races for 1st that Sofa had seen in a while, with Veloci, Juice1484, and Locospeed trading positions until the closing laps, when Veloci pulled ahead for the last minute victory. Meanwhile, mid-pack, Wilo and Browilson wagered another battle, resulting in another close finish with Wilo nabbing the 6th place at the line.


Gran Turismo 5The points breakdown for the final race is so close that many key positions are up for grabs, with only 5 points separating the top 3, 10 points from 4th – 8th, 11 points from 10th-15th, positions are sure to change after the Nurburgring sun rises for the finish of the 24hr simulation. Go here to check in on the action!

Feb 072013

Some of our Sofarians may remember our first foray into this series just over a year ago.  A clever little series about secrets, cunning, and most threatening of all… MATH!  The Run Whatcha’Brung on a Budget (RWBB) is a budget builder series, meaning you take a typical street car that is valued less than a given credit amount, and then upgrade the vehicle on a specified credit allotment.  After each race, drivers will be allowed to bolt on a couple more things to their cars as they win more cash!  Are you interested in top end speed and getting there as fast as possible?  Then spend away on turbos, engine mods, and a customizable transmission!… Or perhaps you’re much more fond of weight balance and handling? Then you might want to consider the coveted fully customizable suspension… but at 20,000 Cr that doesn’t leave room for much else… will the sport suspension be good enough instead?  Decisions, Decisions!!

We guarantee this to be an interesting and fun series.  It’s always been highly entertaining seeing what each driver values, and order parts get purchased in.  Read on past the break to find out more about this up and coming series! Continue reading »