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Some of our Sofarians may remember our first foray into this series just over a year ago.  A clever little series about secrets, cunning, and most threatening of all… MATH!  The Run Whatcha’Brung on a Budget (RWBB) is a budget builder series, meaning you take a typical street car that is valued less than a given credit amount, and then upgrade the vehicle on a specified credit allotment.  After each race, drivers will be allowed to bolt on a couple more things to their cars as they win more cash!  Are you interested in top end speed and getting there as fast as possible?  Then spend away on turbos, engine mods, and a customizable transmission!… Or perhaps you’re much more fond of weight balance and handling? Then you might want to consider the coveted fully customizable suspension… but at 20,000 Cr that doesn’t leave room for much else… will the sport suspension be good enough instead?  Decisions, Decisions!!

We guarantee this to be an interesting and fun series.  It’s always been highly entertaining seeing what each driver values, and order parts get purchased in.  Read on past the break to find out more about this up and coming series!


RWBB Season 2 has it’s first practice/tuning race scheduled for this coming Sunday, February 10th at 9pm EST.   Participants are allocated 45,000 Cr for purchasing and upgrading their vehicle for race day.  Of this 45,000 Cr allotment however, only 25,000 Cr may be spent purchasing the actual vehicle.  All Credits in excess of what you spent on the vehicle may be used to modify it.  Once again, GT Auto has graciously sponsored this series, offering most of their services to participants free of charge, as well as providing all entrants with an unlimited supply of Sport Medium tires to race!  This means that the credits spent on the following items will not count against your spendable Credit limit:

Engine Rebuild
Chassis Rebuild
Oil Change
Vehicle Paint Color
Wheel Paint Color
Car Wash


For each race drivers participate in, they will also earn additional credits to modify their vehicle.

1st-3rd place will be allowed an additional 2,500 Cr
4th-7th place will be allowed an additional 5,000 Cr
8th-12th place will be allowed an additional 7,500 Cr

So, if you think you’re a decent tuner, and know what it takes to make a car competitive while keeping a strict budget, then check out this series.  You won’t be dissapointed.
Official information available in our forum section.

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  1. Great series looking forward to racing it

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