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Hello and welcome back to the Sofa Racing Team!  Sunday night saw an amazing throwdown as Season 2 of Run Whatcha’ Brung on a Budget kicked off.  Drivers of all classes met early on Sunday to get some track time in before the events got underway.  After last week’s practice race everyone has adjustments to make… in Azzkker’s case, he event went to far as to throw the baby out with the bathwater and scrap his Camaro as his first choice, saying: “I will most likely be ditching the RWD [Camaro] for AWD of some sort. It’s kind of disappointing as I wanted to run something different than what I’ve been running.  I’m still trying to find that perfect car for me… so far I have a ’99 Subaru sedan and coupe ready and a ‘godzilla’ (Skyline GT-R) ready as well. I’ve really liked how the godzilla drives though.” In the end, Azzkker did infact choose the Nissan Skyline GT-R.  In fact, so did Inspectigater and Blorf.  Wanderlust2000 also went the Nissan route, but was the only one willing to walk away with the Rear wheel drive Silvia.  The rest of the pack includes a few Mitsubishi Lancers, Subaru WRX’s, and even a Camaro.  Every one of these cars has proved to be quite competitive turning out close battles all over the track.  While the Nissan’s have a clear and decisive lead on raw horsepower, the Lancers and WRX’s have a more settled middle ground between power and handling, proving that they can make up the time off the straights where it counts.

Read the full race breakdown after the jump!

Grand Valley East, Race 1, saw a fierce battle for fourth place.  Early on, fcyaa set the tone by shooting off into first place.  Broncosaurus and FD3S were short to follow to fight out the 2nd and 3rd positions.  Team Nissan, however had something to say about that middle ground.  Azzkker, Blorf, Inspectigater and Wanderlust consistently traded positions, and a little paint, for the majority of the race… a constant, heated fight saw movement on all sides.  Big risks paying off, while other maneuvers failed all together.  

Inspectigater held the lead into the 14th lap where an off kicked him out of contention… but the spot was not to be left empty.  Nearly immediately after falling away, Browilson’s Camaro showed up and joined the fight for 4th.  Over the next 6 laps, the group would battle it out while Inspectigater would continue to fall back.  In the end, Blorf crossed the finish line ahead securing 4th place and a 5,000 Cr pot.  Wanderlust ,6th, had this to say:

“It was a great night, setting the stage for many more great nights for sure. Grand Vally East was a blast!  I think I made one more pass than was made on me overall, for a total of about 48, I think!  As it turns out, the Credits I just earned was exactly enough to bolt on a stage 1 engine and a racing exhaust. Be prepared for a whole new Silvia… I’m sure its not enough to keep fcyaa in sight, but you scoobies and skylines will for sure have some extra work to do!” -Wanderlust2000

The second race was held at the world famous Nurburgring… the GP/D layout.  Once again the Skyline’s were grinding it tooth and nail, however this time around the pack split up a bit.  The result were small 1 on 1 battles all over the track.  Wanderlust2000 and Inspectigater wagered a war for 8th place, before the long straights finally gave way to Inspectigater’s horsepower advantage.  Blorf and Azzkker had an even closer race on their hands… given both car’s being Skyline’s, neither had an advantage.  “I led [Azzkker] for a while and knew he was faster because he just had better lines, so I basically let him pass when he got close so I could watch and pick up the good lines again…  but he was still slipping away!  I knew I was keeping in mistake range, though, and that’s exactly what he did.”  Very late in the race, Azzkker slid off into the dirt and opened the window just enough for Blorf to slide on into his second 4th place finish of the series!  But the real battle at the ring was a showdown between BroncosaurusWrex and FD3SSpiritR.  “It’s been great seeing FD3S back on the track,” said Inspectigater “it was very clear that he hasn’t lost his edge!”  Working hard for the 2nd place finish, Bronco desperately clung onto the lead position looking to keep FD3S from slipping by.

“[FD3S] was tail grabbing me like I was the Bandit and he was Sheriff Buford T. Justice for like 10 laps! I think my car had a little bit of a weight advantage because I could brake a split second later then him, however he had a little better acceleration out of the corners. His car had a better transmission on the straights and he could reel me back in every time.” -BroncosaurusWrex

In the end, FD’s attempts fell flat, as Bronco walked away with the 2nd place finish.

Doomskee had a great showing.  While down on horsepower, he kept his lancer within striking distance, and on Grand Valley East was able to capitalize off of Inspectigater’s mistakes, holding the position all the way to the finish line.  Tangled_Up came to the track in his white WRX.  Tangled had a consistent night, but wasn’t able to pull Doomskee in.  A newcomer to our league, Gearhed, grabbed a Lancer at the last minute and hopped on the track… earning some solid coin, he’ll surely come to the track with a competitive vehicle on Sunday.

It will be exciting to see how our drivers spend and tune their vehicles in the days to come… but choices must be made by Sunday!  Drivers must be sure to be resolute in their decisions, since once the green flag is waved there’s no turning back!  To see the complete series breakdown and up to date standings, head on over to our forum!

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