Event Standings


Sofa continues to run championships on a weekly basis.  Almost every week, two championship are running on Sunday and Wednesday evenings around 9pm EST.  Wednesday’s championship series are typically focused around Touring and Sports car racing, while Sunday night races are open to anything and often see more production car races.  Below is a great summary of race championships we’ve held in the past.  If you’re interested to see what we’re currently up to, jump on over to our forum to check it out!



Previous Championships:

Wilo28’s FIA GT-C
Run Whatcha’Brung on a Budget, Season 2
SRT Randomly Genereated Track World Rally Championship
Classic Car Racing Series
Super GT Championship
Showroom Stock World Tour
Burrito Bonanza Touring Car Championship
Run whatcha’ brung, on a budget.
“Yay Taco!” Clio Cup
One-Make Race Ready Championship Standings
550pp Team Shuffle Race Championship Standings (Singles)
450pp Street Car Championship Standings


Other Events:
Race to define league colors score sheet